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About Me

I’m a systems architect and software developer, who spent the first part of his career in support.

I solve complex IT problems for both small and large companies with a speciality in financial systems.

Additionally, I present at various technical industry conferences including IBM’s Connect, UKLUG, Engage and ILUG.

Also I’m part of the LDC, which is a group of techs all of whom have a minimum of 15 years of experience with blue chip clients. We can provide backup and extra capacity for each other when needed and also build our own software products including LDCVia.

If you wish to hire me please review my complete CV.

The other members of LDC are:

In case you were wondering, ‘stickfight’ came about from when I used to do Epee fencing in the UK. I ended up quite good from an amateur point of view (21st in England) but, never had the elegance and style of most fencers. My bouts were never a ‘conversation between two blades’ and more a ‘stickfight’.

I liked the name and can even spell it.

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