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A freebe you never knew you wanted No. 2

Ok todays unloved freebe, is a notes based Geolocator, so you can tell the source country of your visitors by their IP address, it uses a lookup of world wide ISP IP address ranges, A demo of it working can be found Here, Mainly designed so you can do a best guess on the language for things like logon screens and such. it uses a little ajax call onload, against a notes agent, the database can be down loaded from IPLOOKUP.nsf, you will need to download the latest version of the data from (which is free) and import using the “ImportIPaddressFile” agent, settings can all be found in the “configuration Documents” view, the db must be full text indexed as there are over 100,000 isp documents, but you can set it to a very low update scedule as it only needs to do it once per import.

Think thats it, yell if its giving you jip

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