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Back to fencing comps (end of week 2 and 3) - 34 days to go

Real life has attacked my fencing preparation, so little to report

First Monday
Good Game of Squash

First Tuesday
Even better Game of Squash (although my squash partner badly damaged his wrist hitting me with his squash racket, which put him out for a couple of weeks)

Second Friday
2k rowing (as level 10 in 8mins) - Fail (1.5K)
10 mins punch bag - Fail (6 mins just)
10 mins Stepper (at level 13 speed) - Fail (level 6 speed)
10 mins undetermined!! - PASS (stretched out properly and press-ups and sit ups done )

All other days Scruff ALLLLLL
however Steve is now back, so i have a lesson booked for this coming week!!


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