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Connections aide memoire 01: Changing XML config

Now that we are all “connections developers” according to IBM, sooner or later you will need to starting dealing with Web sphere in a serious fashion, this is no simple task, as Web Sphere admin as far more complex that developing for Web sphere and the documentation makes massive assumptions, so I will be doing a series of simple and essential tips for developers so make your life a bit easier, starting off will be changing XML config on connections.

Most of the connections config resides in a file called “LotusConnections-config.xml”, now there are copies of this file all over the place, to change them you check them all out, make the change in one place then check them back in, this not only keeps the changes consistent over your connections installation but it validates your changes and keeps a backup.

To do this first go to the bin directory of your deployment manager, in my test server’s case that is (yours will most likely be very similar except for it being on “E”)


Then enter the wasadmin console with

wsadmin -lang jython

Next run the Connections Config jpython file


Once that is done (after a load of output to the screen) you need to check out the config files, you need to provide a location to check the files out to (just create a directory somewhere safe) and the name of the web sphere cell you want to get the files from (see below on how to get that)


If you don’t know the name of the cell you are working on (hell I never know) you can find out by typing the following.


You can now alter the files in the directory to suit what ever changes you want to make, the best way though is to use the “updateConfig” command which makes sure that you don’t make any bad types and screw your config up.


Once you are happy with your changes, you can check them them back in with the following (you will most likely need to restart the connections apps for the changes to take effect


NOTE: I’m not a proper Web Sphere admin, If you want proper Web Sphere and Connections admin you want the Turtle Partnership

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