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Domino 8.5 on the PS3 (or not seemingly)

Ok good and bad news, theoretically its possible to get it working but you would need something like qemu which is detailed here by IBM but then we are back to hacking and that means its not a platform that has come of ‘age’, shame, another idea in the scrap heap but i learnt some new stuff (thanks Henning Heinz)

umm, it would seem the for each thing i learn, there are a dozen things i miss, just ignore me, still trawling the forums

looks as if i have completely got the wrong end of the stick, as the PS3 is cell based, domino wont work, just looking at that now, boooooo!

Dont get excited I’ve not acutally done it (but so want to!!), and i know that Domino on a Play station has been done before, but i have the feeling that it is now nearly a supported platform, please bear with me:

1) Thoese of us that have down loaded the notes 8.5 server will have noticed that there is a formal Debian install (which lets face it means ubuntu)

2) Now pop over to Ubuntu 8.10 and you can see the PlayStation 3 server install CD for that version

3) Next Check the nice instructions provided by those kind people at, notice that it is all menu driven from the PS3 end and using existing features not hacks.

Now correct me if im wrong, but if you have Hardware support from SONY (or even 3rd party shop extended warranty), you have a Support Contract from ubuntu (or Canonical to be exact), and you have your support contact for domino, does that not mean you have a fully supported product??

if that’s true, it seems that all you IBM partners out there have just found your cheap way of taking advantage of the free dev licence for domino you have lying around (happy grin).

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