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First fight night and mini review of haverstock

So, first proper fight night over (by proper i mean at a competitive club rather than at a social club), and my blisters have all burst and i am hobbling like an old man, i have reached the “messy” stage of fencing training, in which your body has to make certain changes to let you continue (such as growing hard skin and proper muscles), and at the moment the mass of body parts are voting for nothing more stressful than xbox

I would appear i have remembered how to “fight” but not how to “fence”, which just makes me a thugist embarrassment, but we will persevere

Mini Haverstock Thursday Review:

I’ve been away from Haverstock for a while and in the mean time they have started doing proper targeted training on Thursday, and i can completely recommend it, Soooo it does not let you do exactly what you want (shrug), but it does make you a better fencer and in the end that’s what competitive clubs are supposed to do, you realise how bad your basic fencing is and Alex (who does the advanced version), guides you thought without rancour and in a way that make you determined to succeed, a good move on haverstocks behalf (dont know if other clubs are doing it, but they should)

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