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Fitness Week 17-18

Still going
First person to win 250 squash games
Kieran: 41 Games
Mark: 66 Games
(1 point head start on a game for every 10 games the other person is ahead)
(we also play by “you have to WIN a game, genuine mistakes on game points are ‘let’ “)

We have now established that Mr green is the better player, and when hes on form I receive a savage kicking, however bloody minded malevolence and a evil heavy squash racket that can pop squash balls is JUST taking the day

First person to loose 2 stone
Kieran ( Initially 15 Stone, 8 pounds) : 14’ 10”
Mark ( Initially 16 Stone, 8 pounds) : 16’ 6”

no movement, nothing to see here please move on.

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Fitness Week 17-18

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