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LDC LS12 wallpapers day 1

Here is the first batch of LDC tshirt designs for #LS12 converted to wallpapers, more to come each day, enjoy

back in blue Thumb

Get Social and Mobile Thumb

fadeto blue Thumb

Pioneer Plague Thumb
If you love it’s worth decoding this one

power to the lotus people Thumb

The London Developer Co-op wallpapers can all be found here

Old Comments

Mark Myers(17/01/2012 22:17:57 GMT)

yes, Matt white has already mentioned this and all profits of tshirts bought from LDC will go straight to charrity

Michael(17/01/2012 22:15:17 GMT)

Love the Lotus Back in Blue.

Amy chance they will make it to the LDC store ?

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LDC LS12 wallpapers day 1

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