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New Anime Series: Thunderbolt Fantasy

I don’t tend to do my anime reviews any more, mainly due to lack of time but also that they don’t really add much to the internet, however this one I just felt I had to flag up, it’s called Thunderbolt Fantasy and it’s a puppet show done in the style of an anime, I am aware of the long history of puppet shows in many cultures, but the action puppet show as a TV format was first really introduced with Thunderbirds by Gery Anderson and culminated as far as I was concerned with the creation of Star Fleet X-bomber (a Japanese show by Go Nagai) which I ADORED!!

Now Thunderbolt Fantasy is an updated form of that kind of Series, It is a mix of puppets and CGI special effects feeling more like a movie or a classic epic tale than an anime. it is fascinating to watch, the plot line is totally feudal power rangers with an epic music score 1, the puppets them selves and the sets are works of art so much so that I have had to watch each episode more than once as the first time I’m too busy staring to read the subtitles.

Obviously effects have come on a lot since the 80s and it still has that charming puppet feel, but you don’t just see the top half of the puppets, full body shots and foot shots are common and mixed flawlessly with things like fire and magic.

I’m just praying its going to be at least a 24 episode series.

  1. I’m not sure it will beat Brian May’s opening theme music but its going to give it a run for its money 

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