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Not at Engage 2017


Due to a disagreement at the passport office (they said that because my passport got wet 2 years ago1 then it was “damaged” and could not be renewed, only replaced — which is exactly the same process but takes longer)

As such I cant get to Engage this year, which frankly is a total sod as I was going as part of the LDC Via pile and I have a session on as well, not to mention it is the most AWESOME conference.

But thankfully the rest of the LDC Via mob is still going and Matt is doing my session… we had a handover meeting where I explained to him about different types of dragons and what an Ork is..

The session is

“Choose your own adventure: Update/Convert/Replace” Tuesday, May 9 13:30 - 14:30 in Room C. Gorilla 3

A world of adventure awaits you within every app’s lifetime, none greater than when the managers decide it is looking a bit long in the tooth. The realm is a tricky one, your cause may be just but how to you justify you opinion to the grand council of the Elder PMs? Hunt for the hidden forest where backing from the business is said to dwell. Visit the fantasy lands of ‘bolting on the latest tech’ Face the dark overlord of Rip and Replace Your challenges will not just be technical, but political & economic, can you defeat evil forever or will it rise stronger in 5 years time? Let us be your Gandalf, and take you on a journey where you are the hero

Please go, it’s one that entertained me to write and also go grab a drink with the rest of the evil mob Ben, Julian, Matt and see if they will give you a prize off our stand, while I sit here and sob on my keyboard.

Also sorry to Theo who has not put out a contract on my life for cancelling at such late notice.

  1. Apparently not damaged enough for the TSA or Japanese or E.U or British customs, but too badly damaged for a civil servant sitting behind a desk who likes to p**s on peoples lives…. not that I’m bitter or resentful or anything… 

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