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Notes 9 release Oops

As a firm insider on the IBM community I often forget how impenetrable IBM stuff is from the outside, I got this contact from a friend who no longer makes his living from IBM/Lotus products but still likes to keep up to date, they are less than impressed…

..quick rant to you … not at you at all.

Who do you know high up in Lotus/IBM that listen to their public? I find the product release and websites around the Notes/Domino product HORRENDOUS. Download 9 (yep, just found out it’s been released after searching many pages down in Google despite being a PARTNER!), get the release notes - click on the What’s new, takes you to Lotus site, click on the link there, takes you to IBM, click on Notes 9 stuff, takes you BACK to the readme file I started at - do I know what’s new yet? Yep, that nothing has changed when it comes to taking care of customers or the paying public - IBM/Lotus - go and talk to Atlassian, they know how to grow community, build awesome products and take care of customers and evangelists alike.

Try it out - search Google to find anything about the product being launched and fail badly. When you download, you can get to the release notes - I’ll save you the time - - now tell me what’s new?

Gladly share this with whomever you wish as high as you can - they are a bunch of absolute rubbish. And if they want suggestions of how to do it better rather than just a rant, I’ve got a LOT of suggestions but I’m not making them if none will be implemented (like me contacting XXXXX XXXXX directly to get the forums sorted out and it NEVER happening, so I stopped sending any feedback on any beta testing)

what can I tell him?

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