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The Hairy Bikers Session

What do you get when you put 2 highly amusing people with little regard for social conventions on as the last session of the dodgy LUG with pissed attendees??

you get the “Hairy Bikers”,

i was lucky enough to place my phone on video in a nice spot.

So in the light of my burning bridges i present you with the full (including a few seconds where the phone falls over and is then hastily placed back upright by helpful hands {listen for the sound of sellotape}) Hairy Bikers session, that brought us so much joy. (thanks Bill and Steve)

P.S. this video is on one of my servers and is 800meg, so be gentle eh! (yes bill this is a self hosted movie length video in a flex app i butchered, so my hair shirt is intact)

update for Mr Mooney if you wish to download the flv file, its Here

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The Hairy Bikers Session

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