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Where Have I Been and IBM ConnectED

So what have I been up too?

Why no blog entries* other than my parents trips.

Quite frankly I have been under the gun with a mad mix of things.

1) Brain ache - I have always kept up to date with tech (you are dead in this industry if you don’t), but the last 6 months have completely stunned my brain, not just the adoption of new stuff (such as node.js and AngularJS ) but serious application of stuff I thought I knew perfectly (such as mongdb and Vaadin ) which just shows that clients can always bring you new experiences. there was also a lot of re-remembering of stuff I knew years ago for a number of clients (I now am back up to date on jrun of all things), and this was all added to the bread an butter work of staying current with my major skills sets ( Java, Scala, Security work and IBM Connections 5 ) ,each night I dream code ……. gibber

3) LDC Via - My self and the rest of the devils at LDC are finally releasing our first product LDC Via and it has taken a fair deal of both coding and hard thinking to get it right (we are going into beta)

2) Freelance work - Despite the supposed freedom it gives you, freelance work is a good deal harder than employment or contracts, and the reason for that is simple, as a contractor on a larger project you are NEVER the weakest link in the chain there is always someone holding you up that you have to wait for, I have been on contracts before where I could simply not do more than about 5 hours work per days, because that was the pace that some of the other team members worked at and my work was dependent on theirs and while that was frustrating at the time it did mean that if you had a bad day you were not behind, now with freelance work if you have a bad day suddenly you are a day behind (yes yes oh super experienced contractors I do try to leave proper buffers and white space in a projects time line) and so your days are far more tightly packed.

All in all I’m knackered, but as I just got my session for IBM ConnectED 2015 approved “1 App, 2 Developers, 3 Servers: Getting the Same Application to run on different servers” I don’t think I will be getting any rest soon (though I do have a load of blogs I will be posting)

Mind you I will be looking for work in late Jan / early Feb (another fun part of freelance work)

* Well actually I have been doing other blog entries such as this one ‘looking-after-your-data’

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