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Presenting at MWLUG

Hooray!!!, I have been accepted to speak at mwlug this year

I will presenting 2 sessions

1) “The SSL Problem And How To Deploy SHA2 Certificates” with Gabriella Davis

This session went down well at connect and we are hoping that Austin will love this changed and updated version, Gab is awesome to present with.

2) “Salesforce for Domino Dogs”

Now If you saw this at Engage I urge you to come again as this is an evolving presentation that changes dramatically with each iteration (depending on presenters and the ever changing world of Salesforce)

  • Version 1: Balanced Architect (Engage 2016)
  • Version 2: Happy Evangelist (DNUG 2016)
  • Version 3: Rabid Developer <— This is the one I will be presenting

It will be my first trip out there and beside from presenting I will be manning the stand (The rest of the team are insisting I wear a shirt and everything).


I’m looking for someone to room share/split cost with ( I sleep on the floor so there never seems to be a point to getting a room for myself ) …. I can provide references…


OK, better late than never, but here is the report form this years UKICON a awesome fun affair which may be the last of its kind, now that IBM are apparently pulling back on the sponsorship of such (a truly insane plan if you want my option), even knowing that everyone was fired up and I got good audience participation which makes it worthwhile.

Now this was my first conference were IBM Connections was the main order of the day, I was luckily enough to be able to present with Gab see Here for her blog entry (for me it was like being allowed to present with GOD!!)

Mine and gabs slide decks are below

Now this year I got nominated for an IBM champion (the fact that it was accepted just shows that someone at IBM has a very sick sense of humour), but I suspect the naming of my solo presentation is not going to help that cause much (ah well)

everything at the conference was organised perfectly, and for me it was all a swirl of groovy people, cool tech, panicky presentations and vodka, a most excellent time.

As always a great thank you to Warren and Kitty (not to mention the rest of the helpers over the years)

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