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lotusphere, between the lines for web developers

Back from Lotusphere and this is what i brought back

1) If your sticking with Notes for dev then learn xpages (best place is with Matt White at or at the
2) Mobile device support Android/iphone/blackberry, do not leave them out of ANY apps.
3) Flex is the RIA of choice.
4) Learn how to use Amazon s3 storage*.
5) Give lip service to dojo but use Jquery really.
6) Learn how to hack xml raw code (for Xpages/Websphere/Flex).
7) Ugly is out Out OUT**.
8) Tweak what ever your doing to sound like REST services.
9) Platform wise: for the client, Windows beats Mac, but Mac beats Linux (Eclipse is the future in all cases), server side: Redhat is the way to go.
10) Oldy but goldy: if your not learning Java, hurry up!!.

*Well cloud computing really, but so far the only bit that is really cloud seems to be the storage, processor renting has not changed, however there is a bit more integration with other services.

**and Web 2.0 is in In IN (well thank you for that IBM)

There is other stuff like “we have gone API crazy, please integrate everything with everything”, but i recon that is the main points

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