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2009 review

After my first full year of proper blogging I feel justified in doing a review

1) I no longer class my self as a pure domino person, Im a Java person who does domino (and flex and other stuff).

2) I have discovered what both true beauty of the soul and self destructive evil looks like (Personal).

3) The blogging and Notes community stuff has paid me back the effort I have put into it more than I could have ever hoped. (with particular thnks to Matt White, Bruce Elgort, and that wretch Poole)

4) I now know the person I want to be (still a long way to go).

5) The people I work with now (in the lotus Community) are the best.

6) Just about everyone out there is brighter than me, but I’m not going to let them get away with it for long :-)

7) The future is bright.

nuff said

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