Cognos Domino Integration Code

Some of you may have heard of Cognos (version 8), its one of IBM’s business planning bits of software that always get managers more excited than is good for an English gentleman, but for the rest of us it means one thing, reports… wo wo woohhhh, stay!!!, don’t shut down the site yet, i know you have had it up to your nostril hairs with reports but that’s not what I’m on about, I’m just going to share the pain (and eventual joy), of getting it all working in domino, so that your managers/clients can get reports off a congnos server cleanly and see them in domino, through one web service port. so here we go.

firstly, cognos is a chunk of java working on an apache box, regardless of the fact you might think its working on IIS, its reached by port 9300 (by default),

I know this sounds dumb, but I’m just going to stuff the code in with a heap load of comments in it, the reason for this is i spend ages searching the net for help with cognos stuff and other than cognoses own HEAVILY protected site (cor! don’t they want you to hire a congnos consultant), there’s is only one free support site, so i want to make it as google friendly as possible., also this code depends on you having the cognos SDK (which as far as I’m aware costs about $10000), I’m pretty sure that if i put the necessary cognos jar files from the SDK up here i would be sued to within an inch of my life, but in case you have it they are: axisCognosClient.jar, cognos-axis.jar, cognosClient.jar, axisReportNetClient.jar) anyway, click on the attachment link to get the code (its too long to just paste into blogshpere)

Lucky Devil

I’ve just had the most amazing bit of news, I have been asked to go an booth babe at LotusSphere, i cant believe it!!!, as there was no way i could have afforded it otherwise, now is just have to give the impression that i know what I’m doing (grin), the plus side for this blog is that i have to keep up a steady stream of useful entries so its/I’m not an embarrassment, ahhh well, roll on Jan the 17th, (happy dance)

Even more good news comes in the form of the London Developer Co-op, which im doing with Matt White, Ben Poole, Rob Wills, and a few others (who have not got round to giving me their profiles the lazy sods), strange as it may seem i reckon the credit crunch is the right time to do something like this, to give big consultancy quality of service but built up of small consultancy parts to give a small consultancy price.

Ebook accepted at last

Im sorry that there is so little on this blog recently that is either Lotus or fencing orientated, but there are so many other interesting things going on, the one that caught my attention today was a book called “The Pictures and Diary of a Wartime Artist”, its a fabulous book, giving a never seen before view of WW1,
but the bit that makes is pertinent to this blog is the fact that not only is it available in ebook only (at ), but that this is not made obvious in the reviews in the newspapers or on the radio, a first i think for the UK, i certainly cant recall a ebook being reviewed on the quality of its content rather than the fact its E-book format only.
On a tech side note, the ebook format they use, works fine in all browsers (its flash based) but the off-line version only works on windows (not even on my vmware machine), and the printing is limited to 15 pages at a given time, but after 10mins savaging, i have a full size standard pdf that work everywhere (even on the Sony Ebook and kindle), again DRM proves pointless and just irritates. (shrug)

Annoying Web trend

Is it me, or has anyone else noticed, this trend of putting multiple page articles on the web when they could quite happily live on a single page? i can understand the logic to it, ie that more page views mean more add space, and it is a good idea (we all have to make a living), but they are taking it to far i reckon, if i can see the “Next” or “page 1 of 5” buttons without any scrolling at all, then i just close the article as they are taking the Mickey, in the end is self destructive, just like people not watching movies that have too many add breaks. (waves walking stick and mutters)

My Scrag End Workplace

1) Pile of linux boxes, with over the top speakers

2) The Fabled Lost Tribes Of Hard drives

3) Graveyard of cables

4) Understanding Girlfriend

5) This is not a random trailing network cable that trips people up, its not, its not, its not!!.

6) Proven Technology

7) My Babies (i love my drobos)

This is the same as Matt White and co. are doing, come on Ben join in!!

The reason that my shots are so close and narrow focus (unlike the other bloggers), is although the majority of the flat is vastly interesting (in a though the key hole kind of way), explaining and coping with the embarrassment would take me more time than i have left to live.

At last an admin we can all hate

As a half admin/half dev i always like to take the other persons point of view (which is even a good view for life), but this bloke takes the biscuit and in fact has made my and a number of other peoples life hell, this gentle man is the head of the, and his view of spam is draconian by even the most deranged point of view, if he catches a spammer on a ISP network, he blacklists all IP address on that network, ALL IP’S!!!, WTF!!,
It turns out that someone who is hosted by, has performed a “misc” offence against his spamming rules, and now all my domains have been black listed because i have the affrontory to share the same hosting provider as them, to add to this you cant request your ip address to be removed like other blacklists (there is rumours that you can with cash but i don’t have anything other than forum notes to substantiate this), and there are no contact details on the site (have to get them from whois), thankfully not many Spam agencies use his company, but enough for me to get complaints,

I thought i must be going daft but a quick goggling shows that i am by no means alone, so if you are an admin, please stop using this loonies black list (quite a lot of the black list monitors don’t even list his sites as they are classed and “unreliable and unreasonable”, but as a crowning example i give this in which he has used his position as a black list controller to black list the whole ip range of a magazine company (all associated and innocent companies included {some 127 publications}) who have phoned him up twice in 6 months to sell him their magazine.

There are levels in the fight against Spam, people, you don’t nuke a town to get one killer, you don’t ban an ISP to get one spammer.