Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf Books

After a chance meeting in a second hand book store, I’m suffering from a return to childhood on Fighting Fantasy books (ah the joys of ebay), and while rolling in this happy and cheap glut of thrills (although some of the ‘supposed’ rare ones are proving tricky to get hold of), I remembered their main competitor the lone wolf series, after a quick search it turns out that the author Joe Denver has given them all away to the Aon Project so that we can all enjoy them for free (a very nice act on his behalf), but even better is the fact that these books are now back in print at mongoose publishing but instead of the scabby paperback form we remember (and even the new reprints of the fighting fantasy are in) they are amazing stitched hardbacks with colour and all mod cons (sort of like what the folio society does but for role play books) mine arrived last night and the are beautiful …only one problem, i could not bring my self to write in the old ones (you were supposed to), and to even consider to do so in these ones is quite frankly a sin

….some how i need to get a set of these to my son (my own fantasy adventure!!)

An example of a perfect article

To my shame I do useless articles, however this one by Stephan H Wissel is just perfect, it has everything a good article could want

1) Informative
2) Excellently presented and clear
3) Something for everyone in the target audience
4) Needs no re-formatting to show to other people

To prove the point, i just forwarded on the link to one of my managers, and got the response “Looks ideal, how long to implement”


A Small World

Sometimes i subscribe to the whole “x degrees of separation”, “only 100,000 people in the world kind of thing”, for example I’m doing Steve’s my fencing instructor’s web site and going through his portfolio, when i find the following image

The fact that a fencer (not a common sport) who has advertised a piece of IBM software on Unix, is having a website built on IBM software on a UNIX derivative (Linux), is quite frankly more than a little freaky to me.

enough of the random gibbering, back to work

London Developer Co-op update

Now that the London Developer Co-op has been up for a few months, I cant believe that i did not try and get into something like it before, admittedly its got big guns like Matt White , Ben Poole in it so I’m at the bottom of the heap, but to be able to point to a “support crew” and have proper branding and such when you are surprised with the chance of a big job or a posh client for whom you being a “single contractor” will just not cut the mustard, is amazing, you attract attention from areas you would not have had access to before, also you meet people like Andrew Magerman who is trying to do the same thing with in Switzerland (pop over to see them), hopefully we can do some work together.

All in all, well worth the effort.

If I had a million dollars

This was done for LS09 but never quite finished (and i was never THAT drunk), any amendments welcome (even abusive ones)
EDIT: I should also point out that Ben Poole is jointly responsible for the wording.

If I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you a server – I would buy you a server
And if I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
I’d buy you software for your server – maybe a nice os or anti virus
And if I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, i’d install redhat – a nice reliable OS
But if I only had a few thou. I’d buy you IdeaJam

/ A E D – / / / / / / A E D – E – – – /

If I had a million dollars
I’d build a cool place to work
If I had a million dollars
You could help, it wouldn’t be that hard
If I had a million dollars
Maybe we could have a cage for all the managers in there

You know, we could just go up there and get stuff done — amazing
products, code a tonne.

There would be oodles of coffee, plenty of Jolt,
maybe beer at the desk so no coders revolt.

They’d have pre-poured vodka but no pre-poured beer.
Well, what do you reckon? Can you blame ’em? Uh, yeah!

/ D E A / F#m / D E A / F#m / D E A / F#m D… E… /

If I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you Exchange (no, not really that’s kinda cruel)
But if I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you an expensive flop – (yep, like OS2 or Workplace)
And if I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you Steve Miller’s soul – (yeah, can’t cost that much)
But if I only had a few thou., then I’d buy you IdeaJam

If I had a million dollars
We wouldn’t have to write all that Java
If I had a million dollars
We’d write stuff in .NET ’cause it costs so much more
If I had a million dollars
We wouldn’t have to eat none o’that humble pie

But we would eat humble pie. Of course we would, more and more
’cause IBM Consulting would send in the bill and we’d be so poor

If I had a million dollars – If I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you Sharepoint (no, not really, that’s kinda cruel)
And if I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you some top drawer content – maybe Ed or vowe-dot-net
If I had a million dollars – if I had a million dollars
Well, I’d buy you a nice client – haven’t you always wanted a nice client
But If I only had a few thou., I’d buy you IdeaJam

If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars
If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars
If I had a million dollars, I’d sell SAP

Back to fencing

After a long and boring absence, i am finally getting back to fencing, i had my first lesson with steve on Wednesday, and 2 things were obvious

1) I missed it HUGELY (Steve rocks hard as a coach, even if your not a fencer, go have a beginners lesson with him )

2) I am so unfit its embarrassing (really really embarrassing)

I start training in earnest this Saturday (at the london fencing club), stickfight, STICKFIGHT!!

Proof Xpages are sexy

I got these images done for a college of mine for lotusphere, who for the feeble reasons of remaining in gainful employment and being professional will not be using them, I therefore throw them open to public (mis)use

(before you click on the attached links, you agree that you are not offended by mild pornographic imagery and I’m not responsible for anything that you do with them,or any result of their display, and that your not going to complain or get me in trouble or sue me or not employ me on their basis or anything boring and nasty like that)

Eclipse Eclipse everywhere and nere a bit of common sense

Now look you software makers, its all very well saying “built on eclipse”, but i now have 3 completely separate instances of eclipse (Notes 8.5, Myeclipse and Flex3) on my machine and none of them seem to be talking to each other (I’ve even just opened them up all at once to see if there was a glimmer of recognition between them, I KNOW you can check for such thinks during an install because vmware workstation DOES for its debugger, I’m not asking for perfect integration, but come on party people, standard platform is nice, but COMMON standard platform would be better, all you have to do is ask “do you have an existing eclipse workspace you wish to install to”. (mutters and trundles off to see if he can glue them together because most of the players don’t seem to like you just switching to a common workspace, there must be an article to be written in getting these to all work)….end of rant

Can I justify Lotusphere

So, I’m back in the UK after my first lotusphere looking at my credit card bill, lost earnings for the week and twittering about if i will be in trouble at my major client on Monday, what are the ups to counter act these downs?

1) I got access to the Lotus devs/Big boys and got them to listen to my Cognos problem, and they TOOK NOTICE!!
2) I got to work with Bruce Elgort, Gayle Elgort, Matt White (again) and Kitty Elsmore, a top bunch of people, very professional and very very tolerant.
3) I learnt Loads and loads and Loads (and Loads)
3) The amazing boys at Ytria have offered me a copy of their software which includes, the completely indispensable scanEZ (a bit of software that i would sell my left kidney to have)
4) I got to be a part of the IdeaJam phenomenon (and access to the indecently beautiful code).
5) Made a S**t load of contacts all of them with fun people who are smarter than me.
6) I got to go drinking with “Wild Bill” (and lived)
7) I had my photo taken with sponge bob.

Now do all these, offset the cost in this financial climate?…. well Yes quite frankly they do, even if i was a permy and also had to pay for it my self, yes!!, i WILL be going next year

(but i WILL be booking early to keep the cost down, ICK!!).

Frightening Conversation Number 1

You ‘re there writing a web site and behind you, you hear your dearest say “If you wanted to kill someone and get rid of the body, Argos has every thing you would want, flat pack incinerators and power tools at very reasonable prices, They even have a patio extension with built in hand rail to cover the crime scene”,

I’m sleeping in the toilet tonight!!!