Management nugget No 10

Nugget 10: Just because in certain meetings everybody stops to listen to what you have to say because you’re the most senior person on the call, doesn’t mean what you have to say is actually useful, learn when to shut up!!


This is an easy trap to fall into and I have to say I still fall into it now, you are a manager of a team or simply the most senior person on the call, and whenever you say something, particularly when it’s third party vendors on the call, they will stop what they’re saying and pay attention to you and this attention is a drug!!, you see managers who do nothing but talk and talk, walking over other people’s conversations and ignoring the volume of the other experts on the call, just about everybody else on that call has a strong and valid opinion, they wouldn’t be on the call or rather they shouldn’t be on the call if that was not the case.

Yes, the most senior person on the call often has the responsibility of keeping the call moving and covering for blank spaces, as well as doing a summary and introductions, but try to not stifle other people, if you struggle on this, move to known call structures, such as round table where each person takes it in turns.

Disclaimer: As always these posts are not aimed at anyone client or employer and are just my personal observations over a lifetime of dealing with both management and frontline associates.

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