Stress Tip No. 1 : The Classic Sunday Nap

Something that I used to do back when I had the purple patch office was have a Sunday afternoon nap on a Sofa.

It felt like a stolen guilty pleasure. but it wasn’t till I lost it, that I realised quite how valid it was as a weekly reset,

Those 60 to 90mins, Once a week, closed off one week and got you ready for the next one. My wife has known the value of a good nap for as long as I’ve known her. If you had what I would call a ‘traditional English upbringing’ you will already know about the Sunday afternoon matinee nap, taken after the large Sunday dinner and during the slightly boring Sunday afternoon movie on BBC 1. But we have lost them. I feel that in the new modern world, we should take them back.

They feel good because they are a bonus to the minimum sleep a modern life gives you, and in addition they genuinely feel like a different form of sleep. I don’t know the science behind it if indeed there is any. The only thing I know is you must have them in a different place to your normal bed, on the sofa, in a garden or park, just somewhere where they feel “stolen” 

Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that these are privileged stress tips. I’m aware that they’re not helpful to people whose life is a never ending hard grind, where no time is rest, But if anyone gets any joy or help from them then they’ve done their job.

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